New House, New Friend

Hi all sorry for being neglectful again but we"ve been busy settling in to our new house. The kids seem
to be getting used to school (they're still not loving the uniforms)
Here's pic of the new house

We've got a new family member Her name is Penelope (Penny) she's a silver dapple daschund

We're all having great new experiences

This is us with DC in the background (We're in front of Arlington House Robert E Lee's home)

Overdue Update (again)

Hi still in temp housing you'll see our temp housing behind Ted & Syd in uniform. Our house is supposed to be ready on the 18th but we'll see. kids started school they're handling it pretty we'll
I'll have them report their experiences. we'll here are the pic's

let us know what you think Love The (east coast crew) Allens

Overdue Update

Hi All, we finally made it to Andrews and are staying in temp housing. We should have a house of our own by the 18th. We went to DC last weekend we did the national archives and walked to the WA Monument and the lincoln memorial. The kids start school tomorrow so tomorrow night I'll post pics of them in their uniforms--which they hate. The library of congress was having a book fair so there were authors every where giving speeches and reading excerpts. I'm going to post some pics from our DC trip. Tomorrow I'll have the kids post their thoughts on the first day of the new school.

Ted & syd @ Navy Memorial

Me and the Kids by the Wa monument

All of us Lincoln Memorial in the distance

Kids in front of Lincoln Mem.


Well we hit Graceland yesterday morning and it was interesting. Very tacky (although not as tacky as the plastic palms outside the Otoe Casino) Here are some pictures.

all of us outside Graceland

Jungle Room

tomorrow we'll be @our new (temporary) quarters in Maryland
Love DeAnna Marie

Oklahoma city

Hi all our second day in OKC was wonderful Seeing Bette and Aunt Annabell & Uncle Leroy was great. Meeting Greg, and AnnaMarie, Drake and Sylvia was great. It was very hard to Leave it all behind and continue our journey. Aunt Annabelle made a Feast for us and now the kids are wanting me to cook fry bread and steam gravy (HELP) I wish we had more time to see everyone

Me Aunt Annabelle and Uncle Leroy

Bette & I

Sydney AnnaMarie Ted Drake and Sylvia

tomorrow Graceland--DeAnna Marie


We got to oklahoma today and I got to see my Cousin Mark and Terri they used to live in WA. Mark took us on a tour of Ponca City and Redrock. I talked with my Aunt Alma Ray also. Tomorrow we're
going to the OKC memorial and see Aunt Annabelle, Uncle Leroy, and Bette and her family. Sunday we'll
head to Memphis.

Marky D & me

Ted, Sydney, Madison & Kayman

Mark & Terri

just an update

Today we drove all day to get to Salina KS not much to say so I'll just post some pics from other days. Looking forward to Tomorrow and seeing everyone in Ponca City and Redrock.

Jim and I @Rushmore

Me and AnnaBelle

Ted and Sydney @ Shell falls

There is a tornado warning out for Salina tonight should be interesting
Love to all The Allens

(no subject)

Hi today we went to Mt.Rushmore the weather was chilly but beautiful. We hiked the trails around the MT. Yesterday we went to Devils Tower that was great too. We met up with my sis Annabelle in cheyenne
there were no hotels so we drove on to Ft Collins. Tomorrow we'll drive to Salenis KS and from there
Ponca and OKC. Tiki is doing very well traveling. She seems to love it.
Here is a nice pic of Tiki @ Devils Tower.

Ted & Syd rock climbing

All of us w/ tower

Mt. Rushmore

Avenue of Flags

Love DeAnna Marie

What day is it anyway?

Sorry for missing posting yesterday but I was beat. We did old faithful and the hikes around there.Here we are in front of Old Faithful Inn

It was so cold the snow flakes didn't melt

Ted & Syd at Mammoth hot Springs

the day after the first day of the rest of my life

We made it to Yellowstone it's been snowing off and on all day. Right now its really coming down. We saw the Mammoth Hot spring and the painters pots. We saw lots of elk and bison, no moose though :-( sorry no pics today I left the camera in the car and I just don't want to go back into the cold. Tomorrow we'll do Old Faithful and the morning glory pool (if the snow isn't too bad). I'll post again tomorrow with pics Love to All Jim, DeAnna, Ted & Syd